The definition of bullying is undeserved, hostile behavior among school aged children from early primary grades up to high school and even college that starts a power imbalance. Bulling is constantly repeated over time. Bullying causes severe damage physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally to the person being bullied. It is considered an imbalance of power, whether it is with popularity, strength or knowing information about someone that may be private or embarrassing. It can come in many different forms such as leaving someone out, threats, physical attacks, and verbal attacks. Someone can also be cyber bullied, which is when the bullying is online through instant messages, social media, or via texts.

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Тема: Youth Problems

I’ve never understood bullying. Why do people have to make the life of another person so miserable? Why do they think they have the right to punch and kick someone they think is weaker than them…



Conversation Questions on Bullying





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