Тема: Environment

UN — We can control Global Warming

A United Nations committee on climate change has said we can control global warming. The panel, made up of representatives from over 120 countries, believes we can limit the harm greenhouse gases do to the atmosphere

  The panel said that we can keep our Earth safe by changing the way we use energy around the world. Most important is to introduce more fuel-efficient vehicles and household goods. For this to happen, individuals need to change their lifestyles and spending patterns.

The committee calculated that it would cost less than three percent of world economic output by 2030.  The “big problem” is the damage rising temperatures are doing to the Earth. Increased floods, droughts, rising sea levels, more violent and destructive storms and extinctions of species are just a few things threatening the life of our planet. The report stressed the urgent need for introducing a wide variety of clean technologies. Harlan Watson, head of the U.S. team, warned: “If we continue to do what we are doing, then we are in deep trouble.”

  • commitee-комитет
  • panel-комиссия
  • representative — представитель
  • limit the harm —  снизить вред
  • fuel-efficient vehicles — транспортные средства с рациональным потреблением топлива
  • household goods — товары для домашнего хозяйства
  • damage — урон , повреждение
  • flood — наводнение
  • drought — засуха
  • extinction — исчезновение , вымирание
  • species- разновидности
  • threaten — угрожать
  • urgent need — крайняя необходимость



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