Тема: Communicating & Socializing

Some people are better communicators than others and this helps us to choose our jobs.

People who work alone, for example, artists or postmen, don’t need good communication skills. Musicians communicate with the other players through their music. However, workers who speak to the public all day, for example, hotel receptionists, need to enjoy meeting and helping people.

One profession that needs good communications skills (but does not always have them) is medicine. A clever doctor may not be very good at talking to his or her patients. Some teaching hospitals now train their medical students to have a good bed-side manner. This means the medical students learn to be kind and friendly when they are talking to sick people who are frightened or unhappy.

Another profession that needs good communication skills is the police force. The police learn to look carefully at faces and bodies so they can ‘read’ if a person is dangerous or not telling the truth.

Рекомендуемые задания:

1. Найдите в тексте следующие выражения:

навыки общения

выступать перед публикой

хорошие манеры в общении с больными людьми

добрые и дружелюбные


внимательно смотреть на

говорить правду

выбирать профессию


2. Задайте 6-7 общих вопросов по тексту, например:

Do you have to speak in public?

Does your job need good communication skills?

3. Опираясь на текст, составьте собственный рассказ о том, какую роль играют навыки общения в вашей жизни, учёбе или профессии. В качестве дополнительного примера используйте следующее высказывание.

Well, in my workplace I need to have good communication skills. I’m a student and I also work part-time as a hotel worker. I work in room-service and I need to be friendly and polite both with customers and my coworkers.

At work we have a special training course in better communicating. We learn to understand the other person’s point of view, share opinions or ideas and clear up uncertainties. I’m sure there is always way for improvement when it comes to communication skills. The more you practise interacting with others, the better communicator you will be.


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