Speaking and Writing Topics.

Основных стандартных экзаменационных тем   — 20. Каждая тема имеет несколько подтем.  Названия могут варьироваться в тех или иных учебных источниках. Область использования данных тем и подтем в стандартных экзаменах и тестировании- устный ответ, личное письмо и сочинение.

Задания к темам расчитаны на повышения уровня обучающихся с A2+/B1 до B2.

  1. Animals.( Animals in Ecology; Keeping Pets).
  2. Around the world. (Travelling; Sightseeing in the  UK/USA, Russia;, My City/Region)
  3. Arts.(Museums/Galleries etc; Famous People of Arts; Art Events in my City; What kind of arts do you like best?)
  4. Communicating. (Modern Ways of Communicating: e-mails, mobiles etc, How communicative are you?)
  5. Eating habits. (Eating Out, Cooking & Recipes, Family Diets & Healthy Eating)
  6. Education.(Education Systems in UK/USA/Russia, My School, My Further Education, Learning English: ways, means & significance)
  7. Entertainment.(Going Out: when & where; Cinemas, Theartres, Shows etc; Entertainment in my City; My Ways)
  8. Environment.(Global Eco-problems, Eco-friendliness, Top Ecological Problems of My City, My Ways of Being Eco-friendly).
  9. Freetime. (Hobbies; Leisure; Reading)
  10. Healthcare.(Healthy Way of Life; Keeping Fit; Healthcare Systems of UK/USA/Russia)
  11. Holidays and Celebrations.(Traditional Holidays & Celebrations in UK/USA/Russia; Celebration Traditions & Customs; My Favourite Holiday.)
  12. Lifestyle. Modern Society. (Families; Modern & Traditional Lyfestyles; Style & Fashion; Changing Lifestyle)
  13. Living conditions. (My House: location, surroundings, facilities & amenities; Chores & Routine; City or Country; My Dream House)
  14. Occupation and Career. (Choosing a Career)
  15. People and Diversity. (People: appearance & personality; Cultures & Diversity; Religions; Raсism & Nationalism; Famous People & Celebrities)
  16. Services. Shopping. Money. Transport.
  17. Sport. (Professional or Amateur Sport; Team or Individual Sport; Are You a Sports Fan?)
  18. Technology. (How technologies have changed the world)
  19. Mass Media. (TV, Radio & Internet; Print Media)
  20. Youth problems. (Generation Gap; Bullying & Conflicts; Teen Health; Addictions)

Extra topics: (Темы, общую лексику по которым необходимо знать на уровне A2+/B1 перед выполнением заданий сайта)

Family and relations.

Human body and personality.


House and furniture

Food and drinks.


The UK.




My city.

Around the city.


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